A Personal Tribute by Uri D. Herscher

Welcoming, open, considerate, generous, honest and forthright: all are qualities that describe the late Jerusalem artist Ziva Sivan. In her almost exclusive embrace of the human form as her subject matter.

Introduction by Barbara C. Gilbert

Born in 1936 in Jerusalem, where she lived her entire life, Ziva Sivan is of the generation that experienced the political and cultural birth and development of Israel.

Art for Art’s Sake by Dalia Manor

Originating in the nineteenth century, Art for Art’s Sake is the historic and critical concept that privileges the autonomous qualities of art, viewing its didactic, moral or functional purposes as irrelevant.

Painting Is Her Home by Gideon Ofrat

Ziva Sivan never left home, at least not in her paintings. Uncharacteristic efforts at painting landscape exposed her to battles with winds and with changing light, that did not suit her character.

Painting is Her Home

Exhibition at Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California, USA 2008