Ziva sivan (1936 – 2004) was born and lived in Jerusalem, Israel. Graduated from Bezalel Art Academy- degree in painting and graphic design. After her graduation, established a private studio for graphic design. Since 1980 engaged primarily in painting and sculpting.

Artist Biography

1936 Born in Jerusalem and raised in the Talpiot District

1953 Graduated from the Hebrew Gymnasium, Jerusalem

1953-1957 Attended Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem.
Graduated with degrees in graphic design and painting

1958 Married Uzi Sivan and returned to childhood home in Talpiot

1960-1983 Worked as an independent graphic designer while simultaneously
raising three children

1983 Devoted herself fulltime to painting. Worked with a group of artists, drawing and painting from a model on a weekly basis

1983 Solo exhibition, Jerusalem Theater Gallery

1983 Exhibition, Artists House, Jerusalem

1989 Solo exhibition, Jerusalem Theater Gallery

1990 Solo exhibition, Artists House, Jerusalem

1990 Diagnosed with Cancer

1997 While still based on a model, her paintings become increasingly abstract.
Solo exhibition, Binyanei Ha’ooma (International Convention Center) Jerusalem

1997-1999 Following two complicated surgeries, Sivan returned to painting in black and white and to drawings with experimental techniques in a format smaller than the paintings.

1998 Began to sculpt from a model

Nov. 2, 2004 Ziva Sivan passed away at home